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2020??? published on No Comments on 2020???

Little update:

My plans to update “Pata” here or other possible platforms is at least pushed forward for Finnish version, for English version I am not sure if it’s going to happen at all. I started translating it to English, but I cannot make it funny. The reason in not the puns I think, I actually was able to make it quite funny in that sense. I just fear it might not be very funny if you are not Finnish, as the narrative changes. I need to think it over a bit more.. or just move forward.

I am still working on a new project, but I changed between projects. This year has made me really think what kind of story I want to bring to this world and what I could be proud of. It’s going to take time before I get to publish anything, doing groundwork now 🙂

I also am sorry if you have commented something and I have missed it. I have terrible problem with spam here, I am trying to fix it! For now just I get so much spam it’s almost impossible for me to actually read all the comments. Anyhow I want to thank anyone who has left me a proper comment 🙂

Stay safe

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